Donate Supplies

Our Kona Community Hospital is grateful for your help and support of our COVID-19 response.

We are glad to provide you some guidance below if you are able to make a gift-in-kind donation of supplies.  Again, thank you for an overwhelming response to assist our Kona community.

  • Accepting all condition “New” hand sanitizers and sanitizing wipes such as PDI, Clorox or other brand.
  • Accepting all condition “New” clinical grade disinfectants, including wipes, sprays and sanitization solutions with at least 70% alcohol.
  • We will accept all condition “New” mask/respirator donations in boxed or packaged form
  • Isolation/procedures masks will need to be new in boxed or packaged form
  • N95 masks will need to be new in boxed or packaged form
    • For official N95s, we will need to have a copy of the NIOSH certificate included as part of the delivery contents and emailed to so we can be compliant to clinical guidelines for our patient caregivers.
    • Preference will be given to unexpired N95s from Halyard, Moldex, 3M, Medline, Alpha Protech, or Gerson
    • Expired masks from Moldex, 3M, Medline, Alpha Protech, and Gerson are also graciously accepted. Unfortunately, expired Halyard N95s cannot be accepted.
    • Other brands of N95s, KN95s, or other international makes and models of respirators will be accepted.
    • We cannot accept physically damaged (creased, broken, water/liquid damaged) or soiled respirators.
  • We can only accept “Latex Free” gloves and in all sizes – S, M, L, XL
  • Must be in unopened boxes
  • Accepting all condition “New” clinical gowns and “New” shoe covers
  • Isolation gowns will need to be fluid resistant, not necessarily be fluid impermeable
  • Accepting all condition “New” plastic face shields
  • Face shield and goggles will need to be fluid resistant and googles must prevent any splashes to the eyes

Food being donated must meet Kona Community Hospital requirements including but not limited to the following:

  • Restaurants of food establishments must have a Passing Grade or equivalent rating with their local health department.
  • Food processing or mass production companies must meet USDA or FDA requirements and be certified for the sale, distribution or donation of any perishable and non-perishable foods in the United States.
  • All food must be served as individual portions – no buffet style food will be accepted.
    • Individually wrapped – single serve portions
  • All donating entities must comply with food labeling requirements:
    • Nutrition Fact labeling with ingredients and allergies
    • Safe Handling instructions of package contents
    • Temperature requirements
  • Temperature controlled delivery modalities must be secured for any hot or cold perishable food

We look forward to receiving your donation in unopened items containers and in boxes as able.  Please provide a brief contents description and item amounts on the donation box.  This will help us immensely with our sorting and prioritization efforts.   We thank you for your support!

For further questions regarding your donation, please email our Covid-19 Community Supplies team at