What We Do

The Kona Hospital Foundation is dedicated to improving Kona Community Hospital for the entire community. We fund medical technology, expanded services and enhanced facilities that would otherwise be unavailable.

Linear Accelerator

Kona Cancer Center

Thanks to our generous donors, we’ve been able to donate more than $2,200,000 towards equipment and expansion of the Kona Cancer Center including:

  • State-of-the-art Linear Accelerator
  • Addition of 1400 sq. ft. to Cancer Center
  • Dedicated Chemo Patient Restroom
  • New Central Nurse Station
  • Isolation Room with Bathroom
  • TVs with support arms for Outpatient Chemotherapy chairs
  • Doubled chemotherapy and infusion capacity
  • Prone Breast Positioner
  • Radiation Therapy Machine
  • Nuclear Medicine
Helicopter Landing Pad

Emergency Room

More than $500,000 for the Kona Hospital Emergency Room including:

  • Helicopter Landing Pad
  • Philips Defibrillator with Carry Case
  • Five X-Ray Aprons with Wall Rack
  • Electronic Messaging Board
  • Nurse Call System
  • Blanket Warmer
  • Improved Signage
  • Remodeling of Emergency Room and Waiting Area
  • Two Weight Determining Gurneys
Room Renovation

Hospital Facility & Equipment

More than $2,000,000 for Kona Hospital Facilities & Equipment including:

  • Thirty-two new Patient Care Beds
  • Adopt-a-Room Renovation of all Patient Care Rooms
  • EKG Machine
  • Two AED Defibrillators
  • New Telemetry System
  • Two Deppler Ultrasound Systems
  • IT Improvements
  • CO2 Monitor
  • Two Ventilator Machines
  • Behavioral Health Education
  • General Facility Renovations and Improvements
  • 33 Patient Care Boards
  • Accu Vein Finder
  • CEIA Handheld Wand
  • Two laptops
  • Patient printer
  • Auto Pulse System
  • Ipod Touch with Apple Care and Linea Pro 5 MSR 2D Scanner
Surgery Lights

Operating Room

More than $140,000 for the Operating Rooms including:

  • Trumpf Surgical Lights & Booms for the three Surgical Suites
  • Head Lamp Kits
  • Waiting Area Renovation
  • Flexible Endoscope
  • Laryngo Scope with Monitor & Blades
  • Two Anethesia Machines
  • Flexible Intubation Scope
  • Neoprobe
  • Pressure Infuser Irrigators
  • Harmonic Scalpel
Baby Warmer


More than $150,000 for Obstetrics including:

  • Four Bassinets
  • Daddy Beds
  • Three Panda Baby Bed Warmers
  • Nursing Education
  • Two Medela Breast Pumps

Together, we save lives.

Please support Kona Community Hospital as we respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Your philanthropy will help overcome funding gaps and care initiatives – galvanizing our infrastructure so that we can improve the health of patients who need treatment today and in the future.

With your generosity, you will help expand care for patients and families in crisis – and provide the vital resources Kona Community Hospital needs to provide timely treatment and care today and beyond.  We are grateful for your compassion and commitment to improve the lives of people here at Kona Community Hospital and throughout the community.